the continent of Cydo is divided up into seven countries. Laptra BP, Aquenta E, Ethon H, Itor D, Arcor G, Mercannaa T M, and the wasteland.

before elves, humans, dwarfs and all of the other races arrived their were three main races that occupied Cydo. tao ackloded and zek. these three races lived together in peace. 300 years after the three races mysteriously disappear the other races start to appear. each of these races started with knowledge of the Osu and the holy ones while these races started to expand from tribes they discovered each other. around the time of the tribes discovering each other ruins of the ancient races were discovered. the new races believed that these ruins were from one massive civilization. perplexed about these unknown ruins the races grouped together to try to find what happened to them. after years of being unable to find out about this race the humans discovered the ackloded capital. in this city writings were found along with special stones that had magical powers, and a a metallic tablet with the sign of the yatau.

Shattered Souls