Gear Magic Items

Selendors protection +2 bonus
this enchantment give you a temporary health.
Gain temp hit points equal to hit die 2x a day 9000gp
Enchanting CL 15 False life

Life guard (Beast People) 6000gp
This enchantment meld with you life energy giving you more protection the hardier you are.
This replaces the normal 1 -5 bonus and Gives you +1 to AC scaling by +1 every five levels to a max of +5 at level 20.
Enchanting CL15 Necromancy spell level 3 or higher

Second Nature (Mycrat) +1
this enchantment allows the wearer to use their choice of ability instead of Dexterity to determine bonus ac from the dexterity slot. this is treated as a miscellaneous modifier. Max Dex bonus now applies to your chosen ability.
Enchanting CL 15 Bear’s Endurance, Bull’s Strength, Cat’s Grace, Eagle’s Splendor, Owl’s Wisdom, Fox’s Cunning depending on ability chosen

Animal adaptability (Beast People) +1
This enchantment can be activates 3x day against target animal or magical beast dc 15 will
to allow animal to instantly become friendly towards them.
Enchanting CL10 Charm animal

Armor of the commander (Torin)
This +2 agile breastplate allows the user 2xday as a full action to command a friendly living creature withing 60ft. the one commanded gets an immediate turn to do what was commanded at a +4 bonus Cost 2500gp
Enchanting CL 15 command, Haste


Shattered Souls CMB