Wondrous Items

Gear Magic Items

Nito’s belt Beast People
reuse 1 class ability for every 5 hitdie
Cost 6000 gp
Enchanting CL 10 transmutation spell of 3rd level or higher

Cinders patch
this patch melds to your body for 24 hours giving you +1natural armor. as an immediate action you can remove the natural armor bonus for temp hit points equal to your number of hit die
Cost 1000gp
Enchanting CL 10 barkskin

Bracelet of heroes
this bracelet gives you the power to persevere. once aday you can activate the bracelet as a swift action to gain another standard or move action.
Cost 8000gp
Enchanting CL 15 Haste Heroism

Boots of frantic escape (Torin)
once a day as a swift action these boots double your base move speed and turn you incorporeal allowing you to pass through building for 1 minute where you cannot interact in anyway with the world
cost 4000
Enchanting CL 10 Alterself, expeditious retreat

Cure Half 2000gp
This vial of liquid looks red and has the texture of thick soup. when drank the user heals half of their max hit points up to their max
cost 2000gp
Enchanting CL 20 Cure Serious Wounds

Travelers Companion
This cart come with everything a traveler needs. This small 1 by 2 box upon command word unfolds to a medium cart complete with an animated horse. Inside the cart holds four containers two that act like bag of holding III and two that act like Bag of holding II. when the cart collapses anything not in these boxes get destroyed
Cost 30,000
Enchanting CL10 Fabricate, Secret Chest

Wondrous Items

Shattered Souls CMB