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Runecrafting allows you to input spells into runes allowing its effects to be activated at a later time

To create a rune you need a special ink called spellscribe ink. A craft alchemy check dc 20 can be used to create the ink. The cost is 50gp for a vial that can be used for 5 levels worth of runes

Runecrafting can be done with spells up to level 4. The runes last 1 day per caster level. Creating a rune takes 1 day per spell level

Craft DC Spell Level
15 1
20 2
25 3
30 4

When you create a rune you choose the spell effect you want (elemental damage, transmutation effects, shielding ect.) and expend that spell to craft the effect. If a spell has multiple effects, you do not need to add all the effects (the dc does not change reguardless). Spells that do damage do not do damage based on the damage of the spell but based on the spell level. The spell chosen this way is only used to determine damage type. Save for the rune is based to the save for the spell crafted into it.

spells can be used from other casters like all item creation spells.

For damage you add an additional damage dice for every two caster levels to a max total of five dice. For example a level 7 you get 4 damage dice ( a level 4 spell give you a total of 8d4).

Spell level Damage Dice
1st Level D4
2nd Level D6
3rd Level D8
4th Level 2d4

In addition different modifiers can be added to the rune which can be used for different effects and triggers. The base trigger is having the rune being read and standard size is 1 5ft square that hits a single target. If you fail the check you have to redo that day. If you fail by more the 5 you destroy the rune and have to start over

Unless stated multiple modifers can be chosen as long as they do not contradict

Modifer type DC change Other effect
Touched trigger +1
Selective touched*1 trigger +4 Selected targets will not trigger run on touch
Command trigger +2
Selective command*1 trigger +5 Selected targets can trigger the rune on command
De-selective command trigger +5 Selected targets cannot trigger rune
Targeted trigger +1 Will activate when targeted
success trigger +6 Triggers when a person standing on the rune passes a check
Failure trigger +6 Triggers when a person standing on the rune Fails a check
Multi*2 trigger Total dc of triggers Use multiple triggers
invisible attribute +8 Rune is invisible to the naked eye
small attribute +2 2ft square
tiny attribute +4 6inch square
large attribute -2 10ft square can hit all targets in square
huge attribute -4 20ft can hit all targets in square
explosive attribute +3 Hits targets in all adjacent squares
blast attribute +6 can hit all targets two squares away from rune
Multiple effects*2 attribute +10 per additional spell effect Add an additional spell effect. Must use highest spell for base cost
Delayed effect attribute +4 Effect can be delayed for up to caster level in minutes
Postponed effect attribute +6 Effect can be delayed for up to caster level in hours
Failure chance 25% attribute -3 Rune has a 25% chance to fail once triggered
Failure chance 50% attribute -6 Rune has a 50% chance to fail once triggered
Disguised attribute +8 Rune can be Disguised as a completely different rune
*1 selected targets must be present *2 will not stack with each other

These feats can be taken as non combat feats or as item creation feats

Rune penmanship: negate the additional modifiers for size small or tiny

Havoc runecrafter: your damage runes negate 5 elemental resistances based on the damage in the runes

Light scriber: ink vials give a total of 8 levels of spells

lasting scriber: runes last twice as long

Rune Craft

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